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Dorrin Verrakai is an ex-captain of Kieri Phelan and current Duke Verrakai. She is unmarried and has no children.

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Dorrin was born into the Verrakai family and showed talent for magery at a young age. Her family, knowing this, attempted to indoctrinate her into the worship of Liart, the Bloodlord.

Dorrin resisted this and was punished many times. This is said to have included being left on the floor with paralyzed legs for three days whilst food and water were left on a table and having her pony tortured after she attempted to escape on it. In a conversation with the Kinght Commander of Falk she reveals she killed a friend who could have lived no more than a few days, and all of them in pain.

Dorrin attempted to escape her family many times, finally succeeding after praying to better God's than Liart. After her escape she appears to have gone to Falk's Hall in Lyonya. Here she enrolled under a false name. Her family tracked her down and demanded her return, later on disowned her. The Knight Commander, after hearing her story, allowed her to stay.

It was here she first encountered Kieri Phelan and it is heavily implied that at one point during this time, she fell in love with him.

She graduated as a Knight of Falk, yet had her dreams of becoming a Paladin of Falk crushed by the Knight Commander who stated she had the same flaws as the ones she fled.

After becoming a Knight of Falk she became a Captain under Kieri Phelan in his mercenary company. It is stated that Dorrin did not think Kieri would hire her.

When Kieri Phelan became King of Lyonya, Dorrin had hoped to remain there as a vassal. However, her relatives had fallen under the order of attainder and she was called to become Duke of Verrakai. She fulfilled her duty by sending all the relatives that fell under the attainder to the King to be tried and executed.

During the taking of the Verrakai estate she discovered that the Verrakai could switch bodies. With this knowledge she discovers Carraig and other relatives within the bodies of children too young to fall under the order of attaint. She slays them, much to her own discomfort.

As duke Verrakai she has improved the lives of her people a lot in a short time. She has freed prisoners, healed a well, has had a better road built and had way houses built on her land.