Duke Phelan's Company, usually called Phelan's Company, the Company, or sometimes Phelani, was a Tsaian mercenary company formed by Kieri Phelan. Arcolin used the term Fox Company after assuming command to pay homage to Phelan's leadership (the fox head was Phelan's personal emblem as duke).

The company consists of three cohorts of 104 soldiers each. Two of the cohorts employ short swords and shields, one employ bows. The company is severely reduced in size after the battle of Dwarfwatch to about half, and the strength is varying throughout the books.

The Duke's colors are maroon and white. Soldiers wear solid maroon tunics.

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Kieri Phelan was the original commander and founder of the Company, a position he held until the revelation that he was in fact the heir to the Lyonyan throne. At this time, he resigned from the position of Duke of Tsaia, in effect relinquishing control over the Company as well. Following his advice, the Crown of Tsaia passed the dominion of his lands and the Company to his (up to then) second-in-command Jandelir Arcolin.

  • Jandelir Arcolin (captain)
  • Selfer (junior captain)
  • Cracolnya (captain)
  • Valichi (captain)
  • Pont (junior captain)
  • Ferrault (junior captain)
  • Selfer (junior captain)
  • Sejek (captain)
  • Arneson
  • Versin
  • Burek

Company members Edit

  • Matthis Stammel (sergeant)
  • Bosk (corporal)
  • Devlin (corporal)
  • Siger (trainer)
  • Paksenarrion
  • Saben
  • Arñe
  • Vik
  • Jorti
  • Coben
  • Effa
  • Barranyi
  • Natzlin
  • Sim
  • Seli
  • Harbin
  • Korryn
  • Jens

Former members Edit

Reputation Edit

Phelan's Company is highly respected throughout Tsaia and among other mercenary companies. After all, Phelan helped found a code of honor for mercenaries regarding how they treat prisoners and how they don't damage the fields when marching among other items of note.

Historically, the company recruited Girdsmen and even had a Marshal, mostly at the request of Phelan's wife Tamarrion. However, Phelan's interpretion of the events surrounding her demise and the response by the Fellowship of Gird soured his disposition. Though Girdsmen are allowed, they are not as privileged as they once were.[1]

References Edit

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