Map Fintha Gird

Map of Fintha, from Legacy of Gird.

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Fintha shown in relationship to the nearby kingdoms of Tsaia and Lyonya. Map from Kings of the North.

Fintha (previously known as Finaarenis) is the westernmost of the Eight Kingdoms. Its capital city is Fin Panir. Fintha borders Tsaia to the east and the Westmounts to the south (beyond which lies the Southern Waste). To the west and north lies steppes.

Gird was born and raised in Fintha, and it was the country of origin for the Girdish wars (later also spreading to Tsaia, but no further). The Girdish wars abolished monarchy in the land and eventually transformed it into a theocracy under the control of the Fellowship of Gird, making it unique among the Eight Kingdoms.

Major Cities and Features Edit

The Honnorgat River and its tributaries flows through Fintha and serves as a major connector to the kingdoms downriver (eastward). Trade follows the River Road (which parallels the Honnorgat) and the Southern Trade Road which passes through the Westmounts into Aarenis.

As the capital, Fin Panir is one the largest and most prosperous of cities.

Though not actually in Fintha, Paks' hometown of Three Firs lies near the border, just inside Tsaia.

Culture Edit

Control by the Fellowship of Gird has kept Fintha peaceful and neutral when it comes to war and conflict. However the reappearance of magic among people sets the country on edge and deeply divides the Fellowship over treatment of mages.[1]

References Edit

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