Moon's work leverages a pantheon of divine figures, some of which are more accurately described as hero-saints or patrons. Others are beings of lesser powers.

Followers of these different deities, at least among people, tend to show respect for others' beliefs if not deference. Many characters throughout the series are followers of Gird, the High Lord, Falk, Tir, or Alyanya. It is not unusual for a person to follow two or more figures, especially if they compliment each other.

See religion for a list linking to activities and practices for those who follow individual figures.

List of gods (alphabetical)[1] Edit

  • Achrya
  • Adyan (the Namer)
  • A-Iynisi (the Unsinger)
  • Alyanya
  • Arvoni[2]
  • Ashto[3]
  • Barrandowea
  • Battlehammer
  • Bread-giver
  • Camwyn Dragonmaster
  • Cheru-Baet
  • Dort[2]
  • Drossnedross
  • Drossviar
  • Esea (Sunlord, Skylord)
  • Falk
  • Falsetongue
  • Father of Dragons
  • First Tree
  • Fish-guide
  • Frostbreath
  • Garin[2]
  • Gird
  • Gitres (the Unmaker)
  • High Lord
  • Hruviar
  • Ibbirun (Sandlord)
  • Krethakviar
  • Liart
  • Mare of Plenty
  • Merin
  • Mother of Unicorns
  • Nayda (the Unnamer)
  • Sea-father
  • Senneth
  • Sertig
  • Simyits
  • Singer
  • Storm-father
  • Tir
  • Torre
  • Weslin
  • Windsteed

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