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Duke Kieri Phelan was born Falkieri Amrothlin Artfielan to the Lyonyan royal family. His mother was the daughter of the Lady of the Ladysforest making Kieri half elven. He was kidnapped and presumed dead when he was very young but eventually escaped with no memory of his youth. Aliam Halveric, a mercenary in Lyonya, trained him as squire. Phelan went on to become a Duke in Tsaia guarding the Tsaian border from Pargun in the north. He formed a mercenary company from his stronghold in the north and following his nickname it was called the Fox Company and marched in his colors of maroon and white. Phelan's company recruited throughout his domain eventually including Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter. Phelan married a woman named Tamarrion with whom he had two children a boy and girl before all three were killed in an attack, presumably by the Pargun.

Physical appearance Edit

Phelan looks younger than his years, much of that owing to his elven heritage. His beard is fox-red with a few silver hairs. He earned the fox nickname for his cunning in addition to his hair color. His eyes are grey, bordering on blue.[1]

References Edit

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