Welcome to Paksepedia, the World of Paksenarrion wikiEdit

Paksepedia is an encyclopedia about the world of Elizabeth Moon's fantasy novels - beginning with The Deed of Paksenarrion, The Legacy of Gird prequels, and Paladin's Legacy sequels - as well as the various short stories. Anyone can create or edit any article.

Warning: Some pages may contain spoilers so read at your own risk!

What this is all aboutEdit

Paksepedia is a collection of articles about people, places, creatures, gods and any other aspect of the world from the Paksenarrion and related novels and short stories. Please follow these guidelines:

  • Please cite sources for your facts (and for basing your self-derived facts on), ideally book and chapter (page is less interesting, as there are different pagination in different editions). If your source is the Paksworld blog (, please cite at least which blog post you are getting this from.
  • Please do not quote large portions from your sources, or make articles that are mainly quotes and not much else. This is meant to be a research wiki, not a reason for Elizabeth Moon's publishers to send us cease and desist-letters, so please stay within the limits of Fair Use.
  • The wiki is meant for gathering facts about the fictional world (as far as these can be inferred by the books and the Paksworld website and blog), not loose speculations and theories. Comparisons with other mythologies and such will be tolerated if they are brief and to the point. Likewise, some articles about the books themselves will appear for the sake of completeness.

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